We're a rich team of
thinkers, creatives and uniform manufacturers.
We’re your brand’s ecosystem.

A brand is an experience and needs to tell a story no one else is telling.We help brands tell that story.

If you're looking for experts in design and manufacture, count on us.

Specialists in uniforms and corporate workwear, our service is global and tailored.

If it's branding you need, we're here too.

If you're searching for web development, look no further.

We're the only visual partner you need. We are holistic.

From our studio to our production
line, we will turn your vision into reality
through radical creation.

That's what we've been doing since 1991.

Founded in the North of Portugal by a creative couple wanting to reinvent the meaning of a uniform.

Because of this, we started designing and manufacturing workwear for all business areas that felt more like a fashion garment.

Our unconventional thinking made us leap into digital early on and we started offering an innovative e-commerce service to our clients.

Because we understand business strategy, communication and brand identify, it didn't take us long to offer an holistic visual service that includes branding and web design.

At the moment, the second generation has joined and we've branched out into other textile areas.

Ydra, our latest brand, was created in 2023 and has a focus on the design, development and manufacture of casual and loungewear.


for design and manufacture of
uniforms and corporate


for design and manufacture of
branded garments


for branding and web development

We promise:


Bold Energy

that makes way to innovative results which will set your business apart.


Absolute Transparency

because that's the way we believe great partnerships are built.


Unlimited Solutions

which are tailored to your unique needs and budget requirements.

Before they see your brand, they see your uniform. It doesn't define your identity. It reveals it.
Count on us to help you do that. That's our imprint.


Being experts in uniforms, we offer a global service.

Research and design are handled by our creative teams. Sampling, development and manufacture are executed by our production specialists.

Because we understand the purpose of workwear, we offer three things: competitive pricing, high-quality garments and innovative solutions.


We invest in process, product and people.

Our entire process, from sales to production, is handled exclusively by our teams. That's our strategy to preserve our core identity and deliver a unique and outstanding service.

As for product, one of our main priorities is to manufacture long-lasting and high-quality garments.

We have no doubt that our people shape our future. We're putting in the time to build a team that feels fulfilled and motivated.


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One purpose
Two ways of working together



we design

we design

we manufacture

we manufacture


we build your online store


we storage and manage your stock


we implement marketing strategies


we offer a customer support team

we deliver straight to you

we deliver straight to your client

We're here. Get in touch.

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