About Selafano

About Selafano

In the market since 1992, Selafano is a Portuguese family-owned textile business which is currently established as a major workwear brand in the country. At the moment, Selafano has a generational intersection in the company’s board, assuming the perfect balance between its traditional roots and modernization.

Founded in Fafe, a city in Northern Portugal strongly linked to the textile industry, Selafano began as a small and modest company, dedicating itself to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and CPE (Collection Protection Equipment). Thus, since its beginning, Selafano has been tied to clothing design/manufacture and production by way of subcontracting in the case of footwear.

The Business

After the brand consolidated itself as an innovator in the certification of several technical items, Selafano decided to expand the branches of the business and is now an international company. At present, it is linked to various areas such as education, healthcare, wellness, catering, hospitality and other fields such as safety, home textiles and hypermarkets, at national and international level. Selafano’s growth is constantly ensured not only by acquiring the best raw materials and minding its production process, which results in high-quality items, as well as transparent communication with its clients and agents.

Our Future

With a past that has granted knowledge and principles and a dynamic and evolving present, Selafano is confident of its path. It is currently building new facilities, which will be the foundation for the future of the brand and all its employees. And because it believes that companies play an important role in preserving our planet, Selafano tries to create and produce sustainably and responsibly, committing to the environment and with society.

Our Commitments

With environmental concerns, Selafano bets on high quality for our products to be long lasting. In our facilities, we make rational use of water and energy to avoid unnecessary consumption. Another commitment is the recycling of waste and the constant re-use of materials, either from the warehouse or from the office. In the course of textile production, one of the most sustainable measure is the reuse of raw material leftovers. The reduction of plastic use is our biggest goal for our ecological future.